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Adar is a Ghorak Zo, is female, is a healer, and is wearing the symbol of Open Hands.

Adar arrived at the LokGroton isles after a freak sailboarding (windsurfing) accident. After 8 crazy days and 8 even crazier nights, she washed up on Puddleby's shores, weak, dazed and lost. She's still lost, and looking for her sunglasses.

Adar likes to hit the auction house, and wound up with a Moon Manual as a result. She dearly wishes there was something most excellent she could do with it. If you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to talk to her in the lands directly, by sunstone, or sinstone.

Adar traded in her killer pet sheep Bodacious for a little blue frog named Frogbert. Her knitting took a hit, but Frogbert is awfully adorable (Adarable?) and it is now Adar's goal to spin and knit frog hair. Adar is sister to Iyar, and mother to Rune, Axel, and Trox.

Adar knows quite a few Zo Tunes. If you ask her nicely, she might sing one for you. Especially if the request comes with beer.

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