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Articna is a Sylvan, is female, is a Fighter, and has not joined a clan.

Somewhat of a shady character, one of her proudest achievements is stealing Stora from TC and locking him in her house. She also (for reasons unknown) despises being called "Art".

Her story truly began on the day that the Ascendancy shot a dragon out of the sky. She left the city she lived in to investigate and ended up finding that the dragon wasn't killed. However, its wings were in tatters and it was unable to fly.

Articna discovered that she was not the only one who saw the dragon and was curious as to what was going on. She soon met Lilybell, and together they helped restore the dragon to its original state.

The dragon (a green female named Kayrasha) presented Articna with a quest of sorts: find the drakes on the island known as Puddelby and drive them to rise and join the race of the dragons (whose numbers were rapidly dwindling as the number of suitable habitats dropped). Of course, Articna was far from willing to leave the mainland.

Kayrasha, enraged by her knowledge of the Ascendancy's deeds, decided to fight back. She (along with Articna) attacked the castle from the air, but in the midst of the chaos Kayrasha slammed into a tower and fell from the sky. She was presumed dead, and Articna had to hide lest she be discovered.

Later, she discovered that Lilybell had been exiled after being accused of witchcraft. She met two rebels by the names of Lurai and Meina. Together they set off for the mainland, searching for their friends and revenge against those who had done them wrong.

On the boat to the mainland, she met a disguised ascendancy spy, who also happened to be an amateur alchemist. Upon hearing her story, the spy slipped a liquid into her drink that was inented to kill her. However, not knowing exactly what he was doing, he messed up and the liquid caused her to lose all but the vaguest memories of her time on the mainland.

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