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A dimensionless, nearly featureless plane? that bears close resemblance to both Purgatory and the Ethereal Plane. So much as one might feel comfortable referring to the place in physical terms, it has much in common with Purgatory. It is a place of grey hues in which one might wander forever. Even if walking a straight line it is possible to tread the same ground many times.

It is populated only by Astral Guardians, floating glassy orbs that defend the plane from intrusion. The only landmarks to be found are a single puddle and a cloud of reddish mists. The center of these mists leads to the outer planes of the Abyss, a place of fire, lava, and hellish creatures.

The Astral Plane is bound to the Dark Temple by a permanent gate. The northeast corridor on the top floor of the Temple leads to the grey fog of the Astral Plane, and within the Plane is the door of the gate leading back. The exit from Plane to Temple is not visible to the naked eye, but it is constant and can be found using the red mist of the Abyss. Undine of the Dark Temple have been known to lose their way and wander into the Astral Plane.

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