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Atkus is of The People, is male, and is a Fighter Trainer.

Atkus teaches fighters to attack with greater accuracy. Atkus' training is not cheap, however, because the increased accuracy learned from his lessons comes at a great cost to one's balance, around thrice as potent as Darkus' training. Because of this, many fighters recommend a regimen of Balthus, Regia, or Swengus to temper his trainings.

Atkus teaches a skill imperative to Fighters of all levels. The success of a group or individual is first most reliant on their ability to strike a creature. Once one is capable of reliably hitting a beast, the full extent of their offensive ability is unlocked. Atkus' training is very important to train early on, as hitting a creature brings the experience needed to grow stronger.

Atkus teaches from the entry room of the Fighter Guild Hall.

In Autumn of 543, Atkus auctioned his short sword at Taaken Argelt's Rafflehouse. Gorvin made the winning bid of 2000 coins, but was disappointed to find that it didn't seem sharper than any other such sword.

Besides referring directly to the trainer, "Atkus" can also be used generally as slang for accuracy. Example: "You need a lot of atkus to hit a Lesser Sarra'yrm."

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