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Aymi is a Thoom, is female-ish, is a Ranger, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.

In her life before exile, Aymi was a seafaring merchant who limited her routes to the world east of the Serpent's Teeth? in an attempt to evade the Emperor's taxes. Eventally, Aymi's luck ran out. Her ship – The Formicidae – was seized, her faithful crew scattered to the winds, and Aymi herself exiled. She still occasionally travels to Peaceton to gather rare furniture.

Since coming to Puddleby and becoming a ranger, Aymi has found her chosen community in the myrm hive north of town. Though her humanoid communication skills have taken a hit from focusing so intently on listening through chemoreception and speaking through secretions, she is well-meaning and feels warmly toward exile-kind. Aymi frequently passes through town to drop off supplies that are of no use to her hive.

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