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In the lands there are many creative exiles who enjoy making music to share with others. Many of these exiles belong to the Bards' Guild. Guild membership includes Bard Questers, Bards, and Bard Masters.

  • Bard Questers: These are exiles who have passed one audition. They have composed music and played it for a panel of bards during one of the scheduled auditions. Questers must search for the right parts for an instrument. That is their quest, along with writing music. Questers who get an instrument made may play their instrument within the bounds of the Bards' Guild area, found in the North Field.
  • Bards: These are exiles who have passed two auditions. The first is the quester audition, the second is the full bard audition. Bards are able to play music throughout the lands. They may participate in auditions by being on the voting panel. Bards are also invited to run for a seat on the Bard Council.
  • Bard Masters: A bard master is a bard chosen to help lead the guild. Their role in the guild is to hold auditions and help the guild grow and change with forethought. One must not expect to become a master. Masters are appointed by the existing leaders of the guild; it is not a rank that can be automatically attained, such as the circles found in the healer or fighter guilds.

Within the Bards' Guild, there is a Bard Council which is made up of representatives from the entire membership of the guild. The role of the Council is to discuss and resolve issues pertinent to the Guild.

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