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Bartok is a powerful Orga who is the leader and Warlord of the Orga tribe residing near the Foothills. This fearsome cyclops once led a huge invasion into Puddleby and succeeded in stealing the Altar and the Catapult.

Bartok managed to destroy the altar, but exiles were able to recover the pieces and forge them back together again with the aid of Master Hekus. The original catapult has yet to be recovered, although both partial plans and some parts have been found. The original catapult was taken to the Orga Stronghold, where the Orga were able to copy the design and enhance its function by using it to throw incendiery flasks.

Bartok was eventually slain in a big battle that took place in the Meadow, but was later sighted on a number of occasions in Purgatory. Then, in the Winter of 564, a large number of orga invaded Puddleby, and their warlocks summoned Bartok back onto our plane. Upon his return, exiles were able to trail him to discover the 'front door' to the Orga Stronghold, hidden at the entrance to the Foothills. His plans for revenge on exiles were short-lived, as the PAG and EAT groups combined to assail the Stronghold, and eventually defeated Bartok a second time in the Summmer of 570. It seems likely that his minions will attempt to summon him back from Purgatory yet again.

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