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Blood Magic is the use of the raw primal power of fresh, living blood from just-vanquished opponents to augment the skills of the Bloodmage, as well as fuel various abilities designed to weaken and deceive opponents. While any fighter can learn and master the use of a bloodblade, advanced blood magic is only accessible to those who have become fully realized Bloodmages, as the ability to perform it is linked to the bloodpool. Some blood magic spells must be prepared by bloodmages before striking their opponents, and can sometimes be indicated by an aura of power surrounding the mage.

The appearance of Orga Bloodfrenzies? and other abominations indicates that the Orga tribe in the Old Clearing also possess skills in harnessing Blood Magic. There have also been some Darshak spotted in and around the Mausoleum and various temples who employ the use of a bloodblade, though whether they have access to any of the more advanced spells is unclear.

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