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This clan was born by a few newbies who really enjoyed getting together and having fun. NO rules, no regulations, just plain and simple fun. No matter what was going on, FUN was and is the main aspect of all their members.

They received their name by the initiation they gave the newbie when they first arrived. They had to run to the blue pants vendor all the way in the east field and purchase their clan pants.

Their motto is .. Have fun, even if you are fallen and being chewed by rats, and the slogan is "Go fall in far away places and bring the town together in a rescue."

Some members of the Blue Team are Beam, Crunchy?, Crow?, Thwack?, Cor, Elrod, Falken, Kalyen, Rafiki, ShadowD, Stinkfist, T'Liiq, Tornade, Kestral?, Meab, Simba?, Kovu? and Zazu.

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