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Also referred to as the Great Alliance, the Castle Alliance is a group of "strong and upright clans" bonding to achieve greater goals and build impressive structures. The alliance is currently comprised of the Dwarven Militia, the Sun Dragon Clan, The Fellowship, Rising Claw, Hunter, and the Order of the White Elephant. The Alliance is coordinated by a council of leaders from each active member clan.

The Alliance was founded in Autumn 530. At that time, the Dwarven Militia formally invited five other clans to join with them in Alliance against the Mad Emperor Mobius. The Sun Dragon Clan, the Brotherhood of Independents, and The Fellowship accepted, and thus the Alliance was formed. Some invited clans declined, including the Zodiac Tribe (who had no wish to defy the Emperor), and the Emerald Legion of the Forest (who elected instead to devote their attentions towards building a Sylvan Outpost).

In August 534, Rising Claw was voted into the Alliance. In Winter 535, the Alliance raided Ash Island in hopes of recovering stolen beer. Although no beer was found, the hunt was fun and otherwise successful, conquering the known extent of the island. From that time forward for several years, the Alliance coordinated joint raids against different islands and against the Orga.

As the moniker suggests, the essential, outward activity of the Castle Alliance has always been the building of a castle. The original concept of the Alliance Castle called for six towers, one for each of the constituent Alliance Clans. This popular six-tower design was subsequently found many places around the Lok'Groton Chain, such as Dal'Noth and Tenebrion's Keep, causing the Alliance to suspect that their architectural plans had been stolen. After many Alliance Invasions, the Alliance was forced to conclude that the similarity of these designs to their plans was mere coincidence, and that there was no hope of the Alliance taking over and inhabiting one of these castles. For their purposes, an entire new castle had to be built.

In Autumn 537, the Alliance staked their claim to a small valley that formerly held the tower of Baron Vonkessi. A zodiac later, the contracted builder, Cassia Allin, appeared and began collecting materials for various building projects. Since that time, she has collected 100% of the needed materials four or five times. Each stage has produced an increasingly grander structure. What began as a hut grew into a comfortable lodge, which grew into a walled fort. Today, a very large and impressive castle can be seen, complete with high stone walls, moat, and drawbridge.

In Spring 576, Clan Hunter and the Order of the White Elephant were voted into the Alliance. At that time, the Alliance also voted that the Brotherhood of Independents be considered an Inactive Alliance Clan, since its membership had so dwindled that it was unable to produce even one member to represent it in the Great Council.

Currently, the Alliance's priority is the interior design and opening of the Castle. After that is accomplished, it may turn its attention towards other defensive and offensive goals, such as building large warships in order to someday return to the Ascendancy in force.

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