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Chance is a Human female Fighter, and she is a member of the Order of the Mini, although she is most often seen wearing trousers and thigh-high boots.

She is in the fifth circle and is a Ranger, so she most often hunts and fights with a gossamer. She speaks four languages in addition to Common.

Chance wears a leather cord with a silver ankh pendant around her neck, and has a tattoo on one shoulder that says Baji-Naji -- "fortune and chance."

Chance is close friends with Klio, Yosaku, Mars and Fiona. She eloped with Yharren, and the two of them were married by Captain Ay'hab on the ship to Peaceton and spent their honeymoon on the beach. Chance is also a member of the Creed Cooperative and often helps to farm kudzu for sale.

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