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An intricate labyrinth of tunnels, reaching the full breadth and to depths far beneath the surface of Dal'Noth Isle. These passages are blocked at several points; to the north, travel is impeded by a magical barrier which is thought to protect the back door of Votenkath's keep. Far to the southeast, large boulders prevent any from passing.

Two outposts towns can be found in these caves. Both of these are populated, as all the tunnels are, with a variety of Noths and Dews. In the western outpost is one of the two ladders leading up to the surface of Dal'Noth. The other ladder up is in the northeastern stretches.

A small garden lies in seclusion here, and within it is a reflecting pool. The reflecting pool functions identically to an altar of exile construction it holds memories of those who touch it, of their spirit to the extent that they are called back after a depart.

Qual the Wizard said on defeat that the Dark Bubbling hides itself here, deep below the regions explored by the eyes and feet of exiles. Of these caverns, he suggested, we have explored a very small portion.

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