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Dandelion is of The People, is female, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of the Violent Fens.

The following is Dandelion's story, as told to Kani in Summer 564.

Dandelion followed Tyndall from Shan Deral when she was a young lass. She found a group of friends who were known as the Blue Team and joined their ranks shortly after her arrival on Puddleby. Soon thereafter her mother died, and her sister Thistle? joined her in Puddleby. Her father was a wanderer, who'd disappeared from their lives many years before.

Upward mobility saw Dandelion named a Consulting Physician for ThoomCare. Shortly following this, King Phelps named her Baroness of the South Forest Empire. Her attainment of nobility contrasted sharply with the growing ranks of scrappy urchin Fen'Neko prowling the streets of Puddleby.

On a fateful day, Dandelion was helping with a Dun'ilsar in the Badlands. The Dwarven Militia were fighting a match against some clan, whose name has been lost in the mists of time. Her future husband, Ledward Vicious, was fighting for the Militia, but found the time to fling himself at Dandelion's feet. She was smitten, and their romance was born. They courted in an unhurried way, and eventually bribed the Bard Guild with instrument parts that they might reserve the Bards' Field for a clothing option wedding.

She was kidnapped by Squirrel?, mugged by Unagi?, then coerced into the Violent Fens by Unagi and Andrea?. Unagi made off with her clan badge and her ledger, then signed up a bevy of fighters for Horus lessons, not knowing that Dandelion taught linguistics. Soon enough, the lucky fighters found themselves growling in Ghorak Zo at their fallen comrades.

Dandelion found herself more and more often in the company of the esteemed hunting group Falinea's Blade, and eventually decided to join their ranks some time around the year 559.

Possessing a gentle heart despite her hunting, Dandelion happened upon a young sylvan man in Town Center, being teased by a sylvan lady of ill repute. Dande learned that he possessed several fathers, but was notably lacking a strong mother figure in his life and indeed, someone who would feed him when he was hungry. She opened her heart and her hearth to him, frequently plying him with snacks to keep him healthy. The lad was Kani.

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