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The Darshak Theocracy is a religious cult that was started in the kingdom of Fosner on the continent of Shan Deral, circa 103 BA (Before Ascendancy). The cult was comprised mostly of humans, who were lured to the Theocracy with promises of eternal life and great power.

In reality, however, new members of the cult were drained of their spirit through the use of tainted moonstones to enhance the power of the high ranking members. Those drained of their spirit in this manner became almost completely mindless slaves similar to undine, and came under the control of the cult's leaders.

Gradually, the influence of the Darshak cult spread throughout the human territories, and the cult began to use their growing numbers to conquer the human kingdoms militarily. By the year 68 BA, seven of the eleven human kingdoms had fallen under the control of the Theocracy, and the defeat of the remaining kingdoms seemed imminent.

However, just as the strength of the Darshak reached its zenith, a mysterious human appeared by the name of Mobius. In what is now known as Year One of the Ascendancy, Mobius, backed by the four remaining human kingdoms, launched an attack on the Darshak forces with magical constructs known as Dark Sentinels. The offensive was successful, and the surviving members of the Darshak Theocracy were rounded up and exiled to the nearby isles of Gathner. Mobius went on to conquer the rest of the races of Shan Deral, becoming the continent's first emperor.

Not much is known about the fate of the Darshak remaining on Gathner, but it is believed that over the intervening centuries, the Darshak have grown their numbers by kidnapping villagers along the eastern coast of Shan Deral.

The Darshak have also created an outpost for ther cult in the Lok'Groton, on the isle of Ash. The Darshak have perfected the art of creating or summoning undine, and can now make the dead do their bidding as well as the living. Additionally, the Darshak Theocracy have formed an uneasy alliance with local pirates who bolster their forces on raids against their common enemy Exiles.

Over the years, the Darshak forces have invaded the town of Puddleby countless times, with varying degrees of success. The most successful raid by the Darshak to date was on the 10th Day of Spring, Year 548, led by the Darshak captain Kiril Drakesblood and her ally Necro. The Darshak have also had many run-ins with the Nox Sorora, a religious sect, as well as the Bane of the Black Heart clan, whose specific purpose is to eradicate the Darshak menace from the lands.

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