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Dora of Fen'marle

A Fen'neko healer. Known for her playfulness, her sense of humor, and her insatiable love of pickles, Dora was easily one of the best loved healers in the lands.

First exiled in the time before the event known as The Great Forgetting, Dora was one of those who helped Hanako establish the Clan of The Rising Claw. Dora served as a Counciler for the clan, and was one of it's most distinctive and visible members.

While she survived the Ripture war and walked the lands with varying frequency in the time that followed, it has been some time since she was last seen, and her clan mates no longer seem to expect her to exit the library ever again. To all evidence, and to the greater loss of Puddleby, it appears that Dora has departed the lands for good.

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