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Dun'ilsar is an inter-clan competition of sylvan origin. Before the days of Mobius, sylvan clans on the Mainland would compete with each other for the title of Dun'ilsar, which means "Mountain Forest" in the common tongue. The Mountain Forest is a symbol of unparalleled excellence and might, a peak that towers over all others, and yet is blessed with verdant foliage.

These contests united the different sylvan clans in a celebration of camraderie. They also inspired individuals to excel and produced many of the greatest sylvan warriors and poetry of all time. Even more importantly, the contests united members of a clan to a single purpose, and the fame of those well organized clans grew.

The Dun'ilsar contest was introduced to Lok'Groton by the clan E'las Loth'mon Ferindril, under the leadership of Fleming.

The original structure of the contest was that participating clans were organized into tiers, with the current Dun'ilsar contest champion at the top. Clans advanced within the ranks by challenging clans above their tier, and defeating them.

Originally, there were three different categories of contests that clans could choose from: hunting, exploring, and cultural; each of which emphasized a different strength. Challenges to other clans had to include a choice of two contests from different categories, from which the defending clan chose.

Recently, the structure of Dun'ilsar was changed to make participating easier. Instead of the lengthy process of challenging individual clans, participants now host open contests in which many clans can participate at the same time. The winners are awarded points, that sets their ranking on the Dun'ilsar ladder.

Suu'ub III of Neko No Kessha recently revived the Dun'ilsar tradition, beginning with a Very Important Agratis challenge on Sombdi, the 11th Day of Winter 577. The most recent Dun'ilsar competition was a Coin Collecting Challenge?, held on Lundi, the seventh Day of Spring 577.

The official slogan of Dun'ilsar is: "For the glory of all clans!"

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