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Eggplant is a Fiery Bubble, is genderless, is a Ranger, and is wearing the symbol of Maximum Rankage.

Eggplant was originally named Florbo, and is a Fiery Bubble born on the island known as Portal Island. When Florbo was 2 years old, the island was invaded by a Ghorak Zo exile named Eggplant from the town of Puddleby. Eggplant struck Florbo down, causing him to explode and kill several of his friends standing nearby. Fortunately, the explosions of the dying Fiery Bubbles struck the exile down as well. As Florbo lay in pieces, breathing what he thought to be his final breaths, he observed something strange. The fallen exile used a technique known as departing, which allowed his body to escape to Purgatory. After observing this technique, Florbo attempted it himself, and succeeded. Florbo returned from Purgatory to Portal Island, alive, and now with the power Puddleby's exiles had to escape death.

Many years passed, and Florbo's home was invaded by groups of exiles countless times. In particular, the exile named Eggplant came the most often, seemingly for no other purpose than to murder Florbo and his kind over and over. Florbo alone was able to depart and return to life. Florbo became a leader of sorts for his people, and many even saw him as a god, for his power to depart made him seem as though he were immortal. Florbo's people begged him to find a way to end this slaughter, to bring peace to their home once again.

Florbo set out to Puddleby Island, and secretly stalked the exile named Eggplant. He followed Eggplant to the Ranger den, where he learned that Rangers had the ability to change their shape. He hid himself at the Ranger den for months, watching as their instructors taught other Rangers how to morph, until eventually Florbo understood how to do it himself. Florbo then returned to Portal Island, with a plan.

The next time Eggplant invaded the island, he was ambushed and surrounded by several dozen Fiery Bubbles. Eggplant dared not kill any of them, because he knew the subsequent explosion would kill him and force him to depart. The Fiery Bubbles slowly beat Eggplant into submission and dragged him off into a hidden cave, where he was locked inside a cell.

It was there that Florbo studied Eggplant for nearly a year, until finally he was able to morph into his shape. Florbo now goes by the name Eggplant, walking among the denizens of Puddleby in the shape of a Ghorak Zo, secretly plotting Puddleby's destruction.

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