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Ethereal Tower

A tall tower central to the first sphere of the Ethereal Plane. Constructed by the 'brion brothers, it has six floors, each of which is linked to one of their keeps. The floors are populated by guardians beasts that each of the brothers has summoned or created to care for their floor. Each floor contains a portal to the keep of the respective Brother, not all keeps have a return portal. Enter with caution. Inside the tower are many illusions which leads to a small libraries, and a portal which leads to the basements of each of the six Brion Brothers keeps. The basements all share similar characteristics: a series of crystals organized in the form of the constellation Sororian, and an illusion that leads to the Kyuem room, which contains a Kyuem.[1]

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1. Lundar's Library - Meeting with Melabrion

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