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Evus is a Human, is male, and is a Fighter Trainer.

Evus' lessons are the foundation of most Fighters' training. He teaches a broad survey of the fighting arts, and it is commonly believed that his lessons are somewhat more valuable than those trainers who teach more specific fighting crafts. His lessons are similar to those of Master Bodrus, but exceed them in the realm of balance. Though he has been gnarled somewhat by age, his stature is impressive and his arms are knotted with well-defined muscle.

Because of Evus' ample teaching in both Atkus and Histia, it is suggested that this balanced style is best suited for those who wish to expand upon the array of areas in which they're able to hunt. Included are lessons akin to those of Swengus and Darkus, which, along with somewhat accelerated learning Evus provides, encourages Fighters to make his training the base of their training regimen. However, Evus study alone does not make a competent warrior, and the need for other supporting studies is required if one is to realize the true potential of his lessons.

Evus has a working relationship with Kretski?, who informs him if his students have been making progress while training with his younger peers. Many consider Evus to be the most knowledgeable trainer, and this is certainly reflected in that he is trained by all but a very small handful of Fighters. He can be found in the first room of the Fighter Guild Hall.

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