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FERT is the one and only true religion of Puddleby. Its followers worship the Ohly Epnguin. The Epnguin is within everyone, even those that have not yet seen His/Her/Its light. The Epnguin gives His/Her/Its children light and guides them away from sin and on to a path of a better, simple life. FERT members yearn for the simple days of witch burnings, drunken orgies, and self Indulgement. The members of FERT are in a constant state of war with the ultimate evil, The Chum. The Chum is not to be confused with Chum, who takes on the name of The Chum, and steals fish from The Epnguin's waters for foul practices. Exiles within whom The Chum is strong are witches, who must be burnt in order to be saved. Chum is a good example of one of these.

Members of FERT hold penguins in high regard. Penguins are noble creatures, who feed their young with holy kudzu and burnt pieces of witches. FERT members cherish and cultivate the most holy kudzu in the lands, which is known for its great fertility and is often burnt in "holy ceremonies." Holy kudzu works great in brownies, too.

FERT has existed since the first penguins were created in the image of The Epnguin and sent down to spread the word of Him/Her/It. Of course, most people did not understand the highly evolved language of the penguins, and they were cast away by the majority of the world. The penguins flew to icy regions not inhabited by humans, leaving but a few Believers insightful enough to understand the beautiful song-like language[1] of the penguin. These Believers spread the word and FERT lived on. It was brought to Puddleby by the missionaries Jade Azure, Entil'zha, and Relkin.

Without FERT, these islands would surely be doomed.

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