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The Feast is an odd juxtaposition of celebration and darkness. One knows it is about to begin by the movement of the skies; every four years, a group of three planets line up in the night sky over Puddleby.

As the time approaches, townspeople kick off the season with a traditional decoration. Pumpkins with faces carved into them - merry, sad, fearsome - and a candle placed inside are placed about the town and lit at nightfall. Exiles dress up in costume and go around town visiting merchants, who give out candies specially made for the season. Every Tsrinn, Keemhan the Storyteller visits Puddleby to tell the story of the Feast (and join in on the festivities himself). If you haven't heard the story yet, wait. It is said that nobody tells it better than Keemhan.

The strange alignment of the planets brings strange effects to the world below. Exiles who fall are resurrected into the walking dead, and undine of all kinds are drawn out in force. Many find this to be exciting, but those who are sensitive to the forces of darkness have good reason to lay low.

As the Feast draws to a close, exiles regretfully hide away candy away for a rainy day and take their costumes out for one last spin. However wild and spooky this holiday is, it's not one you'll want to miss.

Sketch by Hor

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