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Fire magic is utilised by many of the creatures native to the isles of the Lok'Groton. Fire is one of the most basic destructive forces in our lands, and this potential has been clearly recognised by many of those who have experienced it.

The form fire magic typically takes is as a spell cast by a shaman or priest of whatever group worships the unholy Gods of destruction. Several notable groups are the Darshak, the Orga, and the Tok'Han.

The dark-robed Priests and Necromancers of the Darshak have an impressive command of fire, muttering dark words and setting entire forests ablaze. Their Acolytes also have a rudimenary understanding.

The shamanic orders of Orga summon their fire by prayers to their unholy God, manifesting it in the form of a single flame or occasionally in a larger, directed gout of fire. Shamans are the lowest echelon of these flame-conjurers, calling fire to light their campfires as well as wielding it as a weapon. The Orga also bottle fire and launch it using their catapults to wreak havoc on those who invade their Stronghold.

The Tok'Han Shamans of the deep places have also have found a way to conjure fire from seemingly nothing. Their magic seems to be bound to the burning runes inscribed in their back.

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