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The Flower Tower is a mysterious structure located on the western shore of Devil's Island. The interior of the tower is a grey, featureless expanse, which is similar in nature to Purgatory. The only exit from the tower is located to the south of a single yellow flower which grows inside the tower, for which it is named. Desperate exiles can also depart using the bitter berries that occasionally spawn inside.

The tower appears to be uninhabited most of the time, though there have been sightings of odd beings known as Wusses? inside the tower. There is also a sign outside the tower which reads: "Keep Out!" which would lead one to assume that the tower has an owner.

Despite its name, this is actually a pair of linked towers one snell appart with one being the entrance, and one being the exit. (One is one snell north of the other)

Due to the difficulty and frustration in exiting experienced by most of those who enter, it is sometimes also known as "The Tower of Tedium"

Travellers are advised to get their sanity checked before entering.

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