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Giant Snails are shelled gastropods large enough to mount and ride. The first reports of their existence came in a news brief from Hoggle, where it was claimed that the ferry to Peaceton had crashed into a small island called Iceton. While scouring the island for logs, Hoggle claimed he stumbled upon a series of pens in which snail mounts were for sale, ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 coins.

Many zodiacs after Hoggle's news, Skipper's Snail Racing operation was discovered in the April Fools? rift. Later on, it was discovered that Skipper had moved his operation to Phisneyland, on the isle formerly known as Tenebrion's Island. Though Skipper claims Giant Snails can be found all over, even on Puddleby, none have been seen in the wild.

The mightiest of Giant Snails is the mythic Pink Sea Snail.

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