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Large humanoids born of stone. In addition to their great strength and extremely tough skin, many throw rocks with deadly accuracy.

Exiles first encountered Greymyr in the passes to the east of Puddleby, in a village they share with the wendecka and strangely-winding snakes of the area. The center of the village is occupied by the Greymyr Chief, who informs any who will listen that the Greymyr are guardians and protectors.

More Greymyr were later discovered on Metzetli Island; their body-types varied somewhat from that of the Puddleby Greymyr in that they are composed of darker, smoother rock and have a somewhat gangly figure.

The Eastern Mountains contain a variety of Greymyr. The first floor of the Shadowspring Citadel? contains messages in the Ancient Language indicating that the the Greymyr were enlisted by the Ancients to protect or repair the Moon Gates? during the Ancients' war with the Shadows.

In conversations with the Puddleby Lore Tours?, Pelaegia? has implied, but not explicitly stated, that the Greymyr were created by the Ancients. According to Pelaegia, "[t]he Greymyr were made as guardians," and, "[t]hey are able to build more of themselves in the quarries". It is not clear whether she intended the plain meaning of quarry as 'a place from which stone is harvested' or if there are specialized 'Greymyr queries'. In the former case, this may explain the diversity of Greymyr located in different regions.

She suggests that the 'children' of the original Greymyr were not precisely like their progenitors, implying that the Shambling Stones?, Precarious Pebbles?, and various other 'monstrous' Greymyr may be copies of copies of copies.

When informed of the Greymyr Chief, Pelaegia expressed surprise and disbelief at the notion of a Greymyr that can speak. This raises the possibility that a race of 'more sentient' Greymyr evolved in the time since the Ancient civilization vanished in the Cataclysm?, which may explain the discrepancies between the history recounted by Pelaegia and the Triangle Plinths and various exiles' Greymyr Studies.

The marked difference between the Greymyr Chief and the more feral Greymyr found elsewhere me be related to the 'Obelisk' of which the Chief speaks, which he says "reminds [them] of [their] duty." [1]

Pelaegia appears to exercise limited control over the Greymyr within the Shadowspring Citadel, but she has suggested on multiple occasions that this is accomplished through persuasion and trust rather than through direct control.

[1] In actuality, the Greymyr Chief says, "The Obelisk reminds of us our duty." It is not clear whether 'reminds of us' (as opposed to 'reminds us of') has a deeper meaning or is just a linguistic quirk of the Chief's.

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