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The journey is the goal; the path is the destination.

The Hel Tree Order (H3O for short) is a clan that was founded on Lundi, day 70 of Autumn, 587 by Drablak, Lily Fren, Feodoric, Guinness and Var.

"H30 is a clan dedicated to having fun, being curious, trying new things, doing things differently or doing something just to be able to say we did it. It might be exploration, solving puzzles, trying theories, mapping some new area, trying a new tactic, etc. If we get experience in the process, all the better! But experience isn't the main goal when we go somewhere. We focus on the other things first. The very first thing is to have fun doing it. As a friend said: we're willing to risk a depart for the chance to have an adventure! H3O is a clan that is open to people of all professions, and to those without a profession, that have an interest for what we do. There are no specific requirements, except to have an open mind and a thirst for going over the next hill and seeing what's there. Aside from that, we look for people that will fit well within the clan."

Friends of H3O who help out in their expeditions are members of "H3O+"

The Legend of the Hel Tree

There is an old legend that says that an ancient tree can be found deep within the 9th level of the Lower Planes. The first level of the Lower Planes is the Abyss, the ninth is called Hel.

Carved in the Hel Tree itself it is said that there are rooms that contain ancient scrolls, devices and gateways. If one could decipher these ancient texts, all the questions that were ever asked, or that will ever be asked, would be answered or so the legend goes.

The Hel Tree represents an elusive goal, something far away that one seeks to reach, but that one is likely never to come in contact with. Those seeking the Hel Tree revel in the journey, in the discoveries one makes while seeking this ultimate goal. They appreciate each step, each piece of knowledge gained, each milestone reached along the way.

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