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Illusion breaking is the mystic art of temporarily disabling an illusion through force of mind. Because many lucrative hunting grounds are hidden behind illusions, mystics with the skill are often in high demand. However, the skill can only be mastered by those who have achieved the status of Full Mystic.

Several illusions are known in the lands, including:

  • Gungla Island — The southern entrance to the Land of Sarra
  • Gungla Island — The entrance to the lair of the Amakua in Sul'ran temple.
  • Dal'Noth Island — The standard entrance requires a Full Mystic to open a way through the storms surrounding the island.
  • Metzetli Island — Two "Mystic Temples" are hidden behind illusions: one in the northern Basalt mountains, one in the southeastern rainforest.
  • Northeast Puddleby Island — Orga Camps 1–4; this is also a quest for the Full Mystic.
  • Northeast Puddleby Island — Pitch Caves Next to PF Book 1; leads to a small room with a book for Mystics.
  • East Puddleby Island — Entrance to Shady Glen; illusion allows access to all into Lugubrion's Castle.
  • South Puddleby Island — There are a few illusions in the Estuary leading to small areas, e.g. the cave where Tart'targ is hiding, as well as a few illusions leading to small chambers in the Eastern Mountains.
  • Ethereal Plane — One of the towers has an illusion which allows access to a trainer of the ethereal arts.
  • Devil's Island — The path into the Drake's lair at the center of the island is behind an illusion.
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