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Jeepers is a Thoom, is male, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of Order of the White Elephant. He holds a ledger in Horus and is fully trained in Trillbane Pathfinding.

Portrait by Hoggle

It is said that Jeepers was once bitten by a radioactive Herpetid who had escaped a Brion laboratory. Now in times of stress, Jeepers skin glows a bright green as his body undergoes a metamorphasis where he becomes "The Chernobyl Thoom."

It is during this state that his heavy pelvic thrusting powers are magnified by a factor of 10.

Portrait by Kisa

There is some scandal involving Jeepers and his illegal use of the "Hammer Dance" during a Mortal Thoombat competition. Thoomilicious has called for a meeting of the Thoom Dance Council in order to seek a rematch.

Portrait by Hoggle

Jeepers is also the unofficial Gitor Hero champion.

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