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A Human warrior of great renown. Known for his politness and his superb combat tactics. Perhaps his greatest skill was his ability to stand toe to toe with even the most fearsome creatures.

A contender for the title of The Greatest Warrior to walk the lands, Jo remained a fixture of Puddleby life for many years. He is believed to have been exiled in the late 520's, though the specific date is lost to us now. He survived the event known as the Great Forgetting, and fought Bravely in the Ripture War. Sadly it seems, the Ripture war was his swan song and he dropped from sight shortly there after. While it is true that there are others who's prowess in combat might also make them contenders for the Title I have suggest for Jo Ma'ril here, I submit that few if any of these others combined the myriad of skills that Jo Ma'ril possessed. In addition to his fighting abilities, he had a keen grasp of how to orgainze and lead groups of exiles effectivily. He also had the charisma to pull it off, which many of the others who might be worthy of consideration on the basis of pure fighting skills, did not.

Jo Ma'ril was a founding member of the Zodiac Tribe, and of it's successor, The Puddlebean Ornithological Society. He was also a member of the fabled Order of the Glove, and a known comrade of The Beacon?'s.

Prior to the Ripture war, Jo Ma'ril was known by the name JoMamma.

Though Jo is gone from the lands, his words of wisdom regarding fighting are still revelant today and may be found in the library under the following reference: The Scrolls of Jo Ma'ril

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