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Knarf is a greyclothed Dwarf and member of The Arilon Legacy. As a third circle Fighter he is still unsure about his future path. After spending a long time in the library, he has all the knowledge to survive in this world, but has a big lack of hand-feet coordination and is often stumbling and behind the group.

Years have been passing, Knarf now wears a golden suite with a matching golden helmet. Together with his glorious red beard he is one of a kind. He has chosen the path of a ranger, but lacks a bit of dedication to be able to morph. Recently he finally made friends with the Nocens Winder.

During autumn of the year 623, Knarf finally learned to assume the shape of the Flotsam Meshra and in the winter of the year 624 the shape of the Nocens Winder.

With the Flotsam beeing his primary fighting moprh, Knarf is able to provide more damage output during hunts due to the high balance regeneration. On top of that, he also senses a slightly increased defense and accuracy. When it comes to monsters Knarf has trouble hitting, he uses the Nocens morph. However, his base Atkus is a bit low to make the most of the Nocens.

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