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Knights of the Watch are noble and heroic exiles, symbols of all that is right and true in the world. Knights of the Watch must at all times maintain high ideals: Self-Discipline, Compassion, Responsibility, Friendship, Work, Courage, Perseverance, Honesty, Loyalty, Faith.

The clan is a group of independents, helping those in need wherever they are found. Members may join together if it is convenient. Any member may request a team event and the clan does participate in them on occasion.

Knights of the Watch is only open to exiles who successfully complete a series of quests designed to determine their ability to uphold the reputation of the clan. Initiates enter the clan as Pledges or Pages. Pledges work with an appropriate clan member toward one of the higher orders. Pages are apprenticed to a particular Squire and Squires are apprentice to a particular Knight. Pages may become Squires and Squires may become Knights only through successful hand-to-hand combat with existing clan members. Clan members earn the right to such combat through the completion of particular milestones and quests.

Knights of the Watch is open to those who seek to join the clan. To begin, speak to a clan member in the lands. However, it should be noted that the clan has not been particularly active for several years.

Some current members of Knights of the Watch are Groniad Diuberr and Cloud.

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