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Laughing Academy (LA) is a fun clan looking for humorous ways to fall and other funny stuff. LA specializes in suicide hunts and causing Puddleby's finest to go on impromptu rescues in vexing places. LA usually hunts with members of a Snow Lemming clan who are frequently turned into fallen victims, or "honored guests" of LA hunts. Anytime a single LA member is present, it's a Laughing Academy HuntTM. Other fun things the clan likes to do include:

  • Posing
  • Nekked Days
  • Yo Momma contests
  • Stumbling into very very bad places (Abyss, Jades, etc).

The clan is very active, and is accepting new members who can pass Pun'isher's grueling and horrible initiation.

Some members of Laughing Academy are Baker's Man, BlackHand, Dimsdale, Dragon Hawk, FrozenHam, Hoover, Inu Teisei, Jaryd, Pun'isher, Ramandu, Ratbane, ShadowD, Smeester, Tender Lumpling, Turlach? and Algernon.

The complete list can be found on the clan's scrolls here.

Some former members include Arutha?, Sanca, Super Chicken, Phen and Finegas.

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