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Though a Drake in name, the Lesser Astral Drake bears more resemblance to the Wyrm family. The sharp beak and smaller body in particular are associated with Wyrms more than Drakes. Other attributes point toward its being a Drake — its leathery wings, and the chain-lightning it spits irregularly suggest Draconic origin.

Certainly, the (lesser) Astral Drake is easily distinguished from any members of either family. The sharp spikes encircling its neck are a fearsome and unique characteristic, but even with its cruel appearance, it uses its wings to carry it from danger rather than towards it. Worth note is the Lesser Astral Drake's relative in the Wyrm family, the Astral Wyrm, which is identical in appearance to the naked eye.

Astral Drakes avoid confrontation when possible, preferring instead to skulk in distant reaches of the Ethereal Plane and to fight with teeth and claws only when cornered.

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