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Leth Nimbletoes is of The People, is male, and is an Alchemist.

He is an inventor and scientist of great renown who lives near the mountain passes to the east of Puddleby. In the Summer, 547, he prepared a cure for Amberdrake's amnesia.

In Winter, 550, he began gathering materials for research into improving the function of sunstones. He asked exiles to collect a raw sunstone, three sunstones, 3000 coins, several glasses of fish oil and three of the rare cabus leaves that were eventually found in the Orionwood on Centaur Island.

When he completed his experiments, it became possible for Mystics to tune sunstones into suncrystals and sungems.

In Spring 551 he released his assistant, Sprite, precipitating her arrival in Puddleby as a spiritual guide for healers.

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