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Lugubrion Exploration Group (LEG) was a collection of Thoom healers, mystics, and fighters that came together to explore Lugubrion's Keep. At the time of the discovery, the keep was only accessible to Thoom and this caused some controversy among the greater Puddlebian community. However, an alternative entrance has been found that allows all races to enter.

LEG leaders were Phroon, who discovered the keep and had a history of contact with Lugubrion, and Eden, who recruited and organized times for explorations. Both Thoom published publicly available records of the trips that still exist.

LEG was successful in the exploration of Lugubrion's Keep and had direct contact with Lugubrion and his Sarir. The communication that existed with these entities concerned the Ethereal Plane. LEG has since been disbanded as all races can enter the keep.

See Also: Phroon's Visionstones of LEG Trips and Purple Haze.

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