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A luminescent wand is used to cure exiles infected with Lyfelidaeism. The only known maker of luminescent wands is the witch Fat Alice. She has offered to trade the wand's design to Puddleby's alchemists in exchange for Groar's Gem. However, many have doubts as to her trustworthiness and the trade remains unmade.

The first luminescent wand fell into exile hands after the defeat of Rowl. Before relinquishing the wand, Fat Alice said she had tuned it to Mjollner and it was assumed only he could use it. It broke after a mere four uses. Later, Fat Alice revealed that the wand was more or less tuned to strong healers in general. She also said stronger healers could squeeze more uses from it, and that it may not have been wise to choose someone who was already lyfed.

After the wand broke, the pieces were not recovered. It simply vanished.

Other wands have been offered in various ways. Fat Alice was planning to give Kani a luminescent wand as a gift. She also offered a wand for the price of 200,000 coins, and at one point gave a challenge: if exiles could keep an Orga Berserk alive in town for a zodiac, she would reward them with another. There appears to be no further record of how the challenge went.

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