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A disease, transmitted by the Lyfelidae of Kizmia's Island. This disease is common to all varieties of "Lyfe" found on the island, save the wanderer Groar! and his brother Rowl. The disease seems to be linked to the cycles of the moon, as Lyfelidae are much stronger on nights that the moon is full. It is best to note, however, that the disease weakens exiles, and the full moon merely brings them closer to their former strength.

Symptoms of Lyfelidaeism (often referred to as Lyfeism) include sudden release of foul smells, fleas, random acts of aggression, bouts of confusion, voracious hunger, and staggering weakness during the daylight hours. Non-exile lyfelidae have displayed signs of confusion as well, becoming "friendly": they will attack other beasts and ignore exiles when in this state.

During the night, a "Lyfed" exile will change form, appearing similar to a Cold Lyfelidae with brawny, fur-covered legs and arms, bristly tails, and a scarred feline head. Any clothes being worn during this transformation suffer terribly, acquiring rips, tears, and sometimes complete destruction.

Lyfelidaeism can be acquired either through contact with a Lyfe as one falls, or by rubbing on a Luminescent Culture. In the past some of those infected were reported to have attacked one of their fellows, infecting them as well, although this no longer seems to happen. Exiles have described a prickling sensation on their skin, followed by suddenly aching teeth at the moment they contract the disease.

There is a theory that all lyfes are connected on a primal level, as a strange phenomenon during Rowl's defeat seems to support. Those infected, when gathered close, were able to garner rough information about Rowl's whereabouts. Whether this was merely a connection to Rowl or something that all lyfelidae share remains to be seen.

A Luminescent Salve can be applied to cure Lyfelidaeism. Another cure is the Luminescent Wand.

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