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Malkor is a Sylvan, is male, is a Mystic, and is wearing the symbol of Pogue Mahone.

Malkor is one of the most infamous exiles in the isles of Lok'Groton. A known swindler and mischief maker, Malkor has an unrivaled reputation for stealing coins from unsuspecting exiles, and even experienced exiles who should know better.

Malkor's hijinks range from tricking new exiles out of their coins to stealing a Sword of Souls from the wizard Tenebrion. Though few exiles would condone Malkor's actions, his pranks are usually more mischievous than they are malicious, and Malkor has been known to come to Puddleby's aid on numerous occasions.

Because of Malkor's penchant for trickery and talent for teleportation, many suspect Malkor to be an overgrown spriggin who passes himself off as a sylvan. Lending some credence to this theory is the fact that Malkor is one of the few exiles who possesses a so-called "spriggin-stick," a magical device that allows one to teleport over short distances.

Portrait by Sutai

Sketches of Malkor:

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