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Marfisa is of the People, is female, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.

Known to many as Mars, Marfisa was one of the first members of the Order of True and Gentle Knighthood, knighted by Sir Sleipnir, Knight of the Rose. She later became a Knight-errant, the Virgin Knight. She squired and knighted Slyph, and later squired Yasnaia. Friend to many, Marfisa has been missing from the lands for some time now.

After the invasion of Kiril Drakesblood's forces into Puddleby, a visionstone of questionable authenticity was released, showing a vast army of Marfisas defending town. At the time of writing, rumours abound of her imminent return.

One of the sn'ells of Snagglewood is marked by a tree with her name carved on the trunk, commemorating her role in Snagglewood's exploration.

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