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Master Spirtus is a Human, is male, and is a Trainer.

Master Spirtus is found in Puddleby's Crystal Temple, to the east of the Altar. Spirtus teaches exiles of all classes and creeds to improve their spirit. This training is especially integral to the studies of Healers, but can be useful for other Guilds as well.

Master Spirtus once taught spirit regeneration as a part of his lessons, but in the Chaos Storm 284, his teachings shifted to eliminate this discipline. Sprite, who arrived in Puddleby several moons later, teaches lessons identical to his former regimen from the first hall of the Healer Temple.

Though Spirtus has been a faithful servant of the community, he briefly stopped teaching when the floor of the Crystal Temple collapsed beneath his feet during the flooding of early Spring, 549.

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