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Meina is a Sylvan, is a female, and is a Fighter. She does not bear the mark of any clan. She is Luareli's sister.

At age 17, Meina left her family to join the Dar'Shak. Her family didn't know she had joined them, in fact they thought she joined in the war against the Dar'Shak. And they never found out, so they could never understand why she did join them.

She was out hunting in the forest one day with Zane, her older brother, when they were separated. Meina called around for help, but to no avail. Luckily, she stumbled upon a little hut. Desperately wanting to get back home, she entered, to find three pirate-like men, previously conversing about a war, staring at her. They threatened to kill her at first, for they thought she was a spy, but she somehow convinced them she wasn't and that she was just lost in the forest trying to find her way back home.

After convincing them, they convinced her that her townspeople were evil and were plotting against everyone she believed in. It didn't take long to convince her of this. She had always had that suspicion. They told her that when she was of age she could join them, the good team, but only if she practices her fighting dilligently. She readily agreed. But she did not expect what came next. One of the Dar'Shak had snuck up behind her and bashed her head with a club. They dragged her unconsious body somewhere into the forest where Zane found her. They went home, and Meina spoke nothing of the encounter she had had. But she trained extremely diligently, and when she was of age, she abandoned her family and her village to join the Dar'Shak. She had no idea how big of a mistake she had made.

For years she fought, thinking she was doing everything correctly, and that she was helping her family. She fought everything from ordinary animals to other people. The rest of the armies acted impressed with her fighting abilities, as they should have been. But one day, the anniversary of the day she enlisted, Mobius's armies were after them and she was sent away to either divert their attention, though that would have been rather impossible. She never questioned orders, though, and was preparing for the mission when a few of the men snuck behind her with a nasty plan in mind. Just like when she was little, one of the men bashed her over the head with a club. Her body was stuffed into a chest pushed over board.

With luck, a fishermen's boat tried to set anchor at the point where Meina lay just a few minutes later. His anchor toppled on top of the chest, crushing it to splinters, leaving Meina stuck underneath the anchor, any air in her lungs expelled by the sheer weight of the thing. She pulled on the rope several times, until the one of fishermen finally raised the anchor. She was completely out of breath and swam to the surface faster than she had ever swum before. the fishermen helped her onto the boat and she had a little bit of trouble explaining to them what happened without getting pushed overboard a second time. As she recalled her story to the fishermen, she remembered vividly the words that the Dar'Shak said to her before they had struck her. "We never really wanted you!" is what they said.

She realized what a mistake her whole life had been dedicated to. She cried there. Not a very tough thing to do. The fishermen helped her to land and left her there. It was thus that Meina came to Puddleby and was reunited with her sister, Luareli.

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