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A large, rectangular underground chamber beneath Melabrion's Keep that serves as his audience chamber for infrequent communications with exiles. The conference room also has two entrances to the active tunnels of Melabrion's Mines and the Tok'han Lair? beyond.

This great conference room is carved from the same thick reddish mud of his mines, though this original section of the mine has long since been stripped of any useful ores. Deep below the surface of the island, this room is usually populated only by the dwarves who work in the mines. Enchantments cast on the entrances of the mine shafts prevent the vile crreatures living within from swarming out.

Attached to the walled enclosure where Melabrion sits when holding audience is a wooden stage that he ordered built for the performance of a song written in his honor by Phineas as a part of the Armor Deal?.

To the Northwest, there is an entrance to the Ethereal Plane Conference Circle that allows the brothers to visit each other readily. To the Northeast, a locked hut (which can be opened with a 'brion pass key?) leads to out to the surface at the Melabrion's Island beach

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