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A family-friendly establishment on the plains of what was once Tenebrion's Island, constructed with the guidance of Phineas by Rinauld the ex-Rebel and several of his comrades. The main attraction at the Petting Zoo is, of course, animals to be petted.

The Petting Zoo has a variety of creatures, from cute cobras to vicious bunnies, with several sorts in between. Central to the grounds, between the groves of trees and pens, is a genuine reconstruction of Tenebrion's Keep, including paid re-enactors who have always just started their break.

Not all of the creatures are for petting, however. Drake Rides are available; for a mere 20 coins, any exile can take a ride through the air in the clutches of a well-trained Fire Drake. In a northern enclosure, Skipper's Snail Racing pit and pens are arranged, and if feeling lucky, one can bet against the house or against other exiles.

The Memorial Petting Zoo is also known as Phisneyland.

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