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Miratisu is of the People, is female, is a Healer, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.

I came to Puddleby because it seemed like there were friendly people there, and most people are. Early on, Sor bought me a sunstone and Bonk gave me a rapier. However, there are some nasty ones too. I fell in the south rat tower and some rescuers already sunstoned me to say they were coming, but the evil mystic Zorton got there first and teleported me to his prison. Luckily, somebody came to rescue me later.

Because of Zorton, I was so angry that I wanted to leave and threw everything away (which other people picked up). Then because I didn't have a moonstone anymore, Master Hekus was angry with me because I couldn't be a healer anymore :(, and started sampling creatures (for the scientist in the healer temple basement).

Many people were sad when I told them I was going to leave, but now I'm staying on :). A lot of people were very kind, especially Tsune and Groggy Lenk, and Hadji, and Peta Pan, and Ogh even wanted to give 800 coins to buy a new moonstone but I didn't want to take them. But then, Azriel said he had a moonstone that used to belong to a famous Fen healer who had left, and he wanted me to use it instead of keeping it in the storage. So now I am using a famous moonstone and I hope I can be a good healer with it. Also, Ogant gave me a sungem, which he said also belonged to a famous exile who left. I don't remember or know their names. (n.b., the moonstone had belonged to Nelaton).

Every time healers try to explain about healer training to me, my head explodes, until I went to a university class with 3 ledger healers and that was the 1st time my head didn't explode. In the end, all the advice becomes, you should train everything. So that is what I'm doing, training a bit with all the trainers then changing to someone else. Also, now I'm entering the chronicles for coins contest and I hope I win. :)

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