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A stately building in South Puddleby that houses a large number of exile art pieces. Many clans have sponsored or designed pieces on display here, and many individuals as well. The building is comprised of three galleries.

The main gallery houses a permanent collection of pieces from contests gone by. Muzea, the curator, also spends her time at the entrance of this hall greeting visitors.

The western galleries hosts rotating exhibits. In the past, these exhibits have included exile-run contests and displays of high fashion.

The eastern gallery is a permanent collection in which clans, individuals, and organizations may immortalize themselves, another, or a moment in time. Museum tokens for a space in this gallery are distributed for auction or raffle by Muzea. Wormtounge? has often been chosen as the auctioneer.

For many years the Museum was protected from Darshak and roaming felines by the mighty Bulgorius. However since his departure, the Museum has been under the watchful eye of current protector Mephisto.

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