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A Mystic is a member of the most important group of exiles. Mystics are the brains, the head, the mind of the community. Skilled Mystics can communicate over long distances, gather information magically, and even teleport themselves and others from place to place.

Without Mystics, civilization would lose its cohesion and disintegrate.

While Mystics' strength is in their mind, their abilities can extend and affect other realms of power.


The Windspinners? are a monastic order of mystics who maintain the Windweft? and Foghaven? Monasteries in the Eastern Mountains of Puddleby Island. They trace their origins to Mataline, whom they revere as the first mystic. In the words of Forsythia?, they, "study what has been left behind," presumably a reference to the ruins of the Ancient civilization found nearby.

Mystics in Ancient Civilization

Pelaegia?, who appears to be a surviving member of the Ancient civilization, has claimed that long ago her people referred to mystics as 'Lantern Bearers'.

The Triangle Plinths scattered throughout the eastern mountains speak of the Ancient's mystics creating a gateway to another world and joining it to the Land of Shadow, as well Mataline's travel through that gate.

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