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The Order of the Midnight Sun is, but is not a clan. It is a group of exiles whose goals are:

  • To live a life of honor and dignity.
  • To be honest and brave.
  • To serve, protect, and assist those in need.
  • To contribute to the Unity of the exiles, and to promote unity in diversity within the lands.

And most of all,

  • To be there when needed. 

The purpose of the goals is to protect Puddleby and the Lok’ Groton Isles, and to some day help unite the clans.

Members of the OMS are required to live by a set of laws.

OMS does not hold official clan events, being a clan/non-clan. Members do hunt together, but are free to, and are encouraged to hunt with a wide variety of exiles and clans.

The clan is currently accepting applications. However, one will need to be invited to join. If interested in joining, talk to a clan elder.

Some members of the Order of the Midnight Sun are White Wolf, Dashiva, Kevin, Seia, Kaitlyn, Lanskar, Lycaon, and Caffeine.

For more information:

Order of the Midnight Sun scrolls

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