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The Order of the Mini is a clan with a few basic things that tie it together.

In the old days, before the War, the clan was founded by six friends who liked having fun, causing trouble, and helping each other out generously. They all wore mini skirts. As time went by, new mini-wearing friends would come along, and join in on the fun too.

But being a Mini is all about the attitudeŚ simply wearing a mini doesn't make you a Mini!

Though the clan is Human females only (with a couple odd exceptions), it has never been exclusive in its activities. Nor does it necessarily strive to be the most powerful or most elite. It's a fun-loving clan at heart, but others had better not underestimate the clan! There have been many powerful Minis over the years, and they don't like their clan being marginalized.

Some MiniFacts:

  • The Order of the Mini was founded sometime around the year 532.
  • The original members were:
  • The original Mini uniform was a purple blouse and blue skirt for fighters, white blouse for healers. Back then only women could wear purple, so it meant something! Nowadays the clan has become much more fashionable.
  • At its peak in popularity, the Minis had about twenty eight members! (That's a lotta skirts!)
  • Contrary to popular belief, Sassy was never a member of the OOTM.
  • Crow? was once made a Mini as a half-joke... which led to some intra-clan drama.
  • The only other non-human Mini is the official clan mascot: Super Chicken.
  • One of the founding members of the post-War Minis was Rent-a-Hippie?: a Thoom.
  • No founding members are active today; but Elise and Maq are still seen on rare occasions.

Newer members include Whirl wind, Ebony, Arianrhod, Chance, Klio, Fiona, and Asenath.

Order of the Mini scrolls

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