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Org are a species of creatures found in the Eastern Mountains of Puddleby Island.

Young org are small enough to be kept in cages and carried with one hand; adult org are roughly the size of an exile. It is unclear whether 'Mammoth Org' are simply org of unusual size, elder org, or a distinct species or sub-species.

There is no evidence suggesting that org are sentient or particularly intelligent.

Org are primarily notable for their time-manipulation abilities; the flow of time in their vicinity is slowed. Some of the Triangle Plinths in the eastern mountains suggest that this time-slowing property was used by the Ancients as a way to extend their life spans.

Some researchers contend that the org are progenitors of the Orga. Triangle messages in the eastern mountains support this claim, suggesting that the ancients transformed org into orga using the Shadowy Light? stolen from the Land of Shadow. The reasons for this transformation -- and the extent to which it was intentional or accidental -- is not entirely clear, though there are suggestions that it was an attempt to better control the org's time-manipulation abilities.

It is rumored that members of the Windspinners? are studying the org, and some exile Mystics have been observed capturing them.

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