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Fitting easily into the "huge" category of Orga, the Fellock is a rare but dangerous beast. Prior to the discovery of the Orga Stronghold, not much information on the Fellock was certain -- there had been discrepancies that suggest there might be different varieties of Orga with the same title. Fellock may be a rank like Warleader, with certain associated powers in common between all Fellocks.

They are easy to recognise, even if their strength is not consistent. Blood red skin contrasts the clear blue-within-blue of their well-focused eye, prominently mounted on their forehead. A broad purple sash crosses from their shoulder to their waist, and they are known to cast thick knots of brilliant red lightning at their enemies.

The Fellocks encountered outside of the Stronghold have demonstrated an ability to coordinate Warlocks, Hemlocks, and any other lightning-casters in their vicinity for synchronized attacks. Early Fellocks were rather weak physically, being slain with little more effort than might be made for an Orga Warrior.

Fellocks encountered later, including those within the Stronghold, have close-combat combat skills to rival if not exceed that of a Hatred. They are uncommon even within the Stronghold, where they serve to bolster the already formidable defensive forces.

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